Stress eating.

This as I said in my intro is such an issue for me, a battle I fight constantly. This weekend has been particularly tough; I struggle with other people’s noise,  I am really sensitive and I do find it hard to ignore. Well this weekend saw my neighbours partying for 2 days, there was loud music; thumping so hard it was making my house shake, squealing, very bad singing etc. So I tried to ignore it on Saturday-it was a Saturday after all-but then yesterday it was the same, only on Sunday I really struggled. It went on very late again so there was no way of ignoring it. I ate constantly yesterday -not a great idea whilst trying to follow weightwatchers.  So tonight at weigh in I wasn’t expecting much but I did get a 1lb loss. This was acceptable for me this week, especially after the weekend. I have tried to calm down today and it is now back to being the normal peaceful house it usually is-so my blood pressure feels so much better and I’m bingeing less.

This week has 3 more days of work before my holiday, my plan for that is to bank a fair few fit points (a ww term)  by swimming etc, top up my incredibly depleted vitamin d levels  (only just registering on the scale after 5 months of medication) and to treat myself to some lovely new perfume. Photos to follow x


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