Fit points.

Fit points are a term used by the weightlos/healthy lifestyle company who for this shall be referred to as WW. These are earned by doing any kind of activity that gets you moving and are meant to be banked not eaten, though you can eat any you earn over 5 a day. Or if you earnore than five a day they build up into a pot that you can spend.again not recommend.

This week since Friday I have earnt fit points firstly by walking a lot on the travelling day-up and down airports, finding cars etc etc surprisingly all adds up. Mainly though I have earnt my fit points by swimming.  The pool we have at our villa (by our; I mean rental not owned unfortunately ) is quite big and I have been racking up the lengths. I have been swimming the the style ‘granny’ or if kind ‘spa’ as in relaxed breaststroke with head out of the water. This is not how I would normally swim. I’m a goggles on head under girl but it’s my holidays and we’ll I don’t fancy swallowing outdoor pool water.

I haven’t actually added up these points so far or to those earn by walking and sightseeing but neither am I tracking my food. My weigh in is next monday-3 days after landing back. We shall see then if the swimming as paid off.


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