My first holiday abroad in 5 years and this my pool. There are somethings in life that make me very relaxed and happy; sunshine and a swimming pool are two of them.

The journey started with an hours drive to Birmingham airport-a doddle of a journey  (it was easy) followed by what appeared to be the slowest of the check in queues. All on board and a woman and man and a baby turn up late, she is kicking off about her lost bag-no one knows if it was her fault of the airlines but she was going on and on. Anyway they found her her bag-which caused the plane to miss its take off slot! Cue groans and sighs from all a board. The lady then that had held everyone up by an hour got s bottle of free champagne. Those of use sat waiting whilst she had a stop got nothing. Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t have done the same but it was one very small case!

The villa is lovely, there could be a few tweaks to make it even better but it is still a nice one. It is in the middle of a natural park and therfore is amazingly quiet. No sounds of kids squealing or anything like that-just the sound of the pool water.

As for the holiday diet: Erm bring veggie in spain isn’t easy, so far I’ve had bread and cheese and a pizza!

Off to soak up the sun now ☺20160527_152245





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