Holidaying alone?

20160602_113044 So after my week away on holiday and arriving back to the cold and grey Midlands I am already thinking about another holiday. The difficulty with this, alongside my complete lack of finances is being single and 36. Previously I have holidayed with my then best friend and other friends over my 20s. Unfortunately,  my best friend suddenly didn’t know who I was when she met someone. We went from most weekends spent doing something, her taking over my spare room on a regular basis and texting nonsense throughout the week to absolutely nothing. My other friends have been coupled for years and also not intetested-aster all they get their holidays. This brings me to now. I feel my 30s have been a waste, spent unhappy and at times lonely.  So I was using the #connect function yestetday on the weightwatchers app and I posted about holidaying alone. Could I?  Would I?  Is it a tad sad or actually the way forward? Last night reaffirmed -I love to travel, and whilst friends are knee deep in pooy nappies,  compromising with husband and generally in the drudgery of life why sm I wasting time waiting for someone to holiday with-I should just go. Rescue the last 4 years well 3 and a half of my 30s and do what I want to do.

So can I really holiday alone? I’ll let you know-but so far I’ve priced up a couple of weekends away for this summer and have priced up sorrento for next year.

Time to follow the rainbow and find the pot of gold (or sunshine and sand)



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