Post holiday weigh in

Tonight saw my first Weightwatchers weigh in after my holiday.  I stood on my scales at home-pointless they are so inaccurate, so once at the class I nervously stepped on the scales….to find I’d lost 2lb. why can such a thing swing your mood-a bad result makes you grumpy a good one happy.  It may have been more than 2lb if I hadn’t have spent the weekend eating out of habit and stress.  It shows that eating 3 meals a day, exercising every day and eating less snacks works. 1lb next  week takes  me back to where it all went wrong  since January. fingers x for a good week.


One thought on “Post holiday weigh in

  1. That is awsome….I do not like the scale, don’t use it much if my clothing feels lose then I am ok if I have to squeeze in to them and a button flys off then it’s time to lose weight.


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