Going solo.

For someone who lives by myself I am pretty terrible at going places by myself and seeing as I’m planning on solo holidays I thought I’d better push myself a little.

Today I was meant to be going to the cinema to watch ‘Me before you ‘ with a friend – she cancelled at 10.30pm last night.  I actually really wanted to see the film, so at 11am this morning I booked my ticket, no going back then.  I chose an end aisle seat,  on the first row of premier seating and checked how busy the cinema was (it wasn’t).  Did it feel weird?  Actually no it didn’t,  would I go again ?  Yes. Actually I have been once before on my own, New Year’s eve 2012 when my usual companion let me down for her new bloke. That was under very different circumstances,  though it was actually the same friend who let me down today.

After the cinema I fancied food but as I had said I’d call in mums and it was already after the time I said I didn’t bother with the restaurants;  though I think that is a bigger step to take. Next step maybe. ….


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