Debt so much debt

2016-06-12 18.58.38Confessions of a shopoholic; the book and the movie could be the story of my life. Well a dramatised version, there is no Luke Brandwood or trips to New York. What there is however is debt. A spiralling mess of debt.  When  I moved into my now house just over 3 years ago I had a small debt of around £4ooo left, now today I have decided to add up all the separate credit cards and the total stands at 25k+ this is more than my annual wage! I know that when I moved in I was in a bad place-I actually think I had undiagnosed depression because I’m good at hiding stuff. When I’m depressed or unhappy etc I eat and I did binge. I also used my cards to try and make the house more mine. The house was very dated and it wasn’t me. I lived with it for as long as I could before to try and get out of the dumps I needed to get a project. However, somehow spending 20k in 4 years is excessive. I really don’t think it should be so high. I have no idea how it got so high. I think I need to pick a card and go back three years and start checking stuff properly for any errors or anything that is wasted spending (probably most of it). 1 card a weekend and by July i will have been through them all. I have now red and orange dotted the cards in order of need to clear. I need to pull in my spending.

So my next small shop will be at tesco using my £11 vouchers, then I think after payday I am going to have to begin shopping at Aldi and Iceland as I cannot keep spending £90 on shopping.  That was with morrisons who are usually much cheaper than other big supermarkets. It was my big monthly shop-but still.  I need to stop spending money on chocolate and sweets i regularly spend £5 on sweets each week, then there is the money on crisps or nuts or even popcorn. These are all snack items that I do not need. I am trying to eat healthily and am currently also paying £22 a month for weightwatchers of which I’m not really following. There are 2 areas in which I could save. I’m currently ebaying bits and pieces of stuff -it’s such a faff, but all helps, it’s a shame that unlike Becky Bloomwood (from the film and books) I do not have oodles of designer wear to sell! If only I was the girl in the green scarf.

So all in all, my finances are a disaster,  I can not currently see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow-just a mound of credit card bills.  Hopefully I will find a way of sorting but at the moment I want to bury my head in a mound of chocolate.



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