Money money money

In the words of ABBA,  but unfortunately instead of being in the money I am in the debt! I have said before about how money and I work. I basically spend what I earn and more. Well this week I feel like I have made 2 steps forward in sorting things out. Firstly I have upgraded my phone which you might think would be more expensive but actually I should save £18 a month. It’s not a lot but it’s an extra that can pay off a little more on the credit cards. The second thing was I had an offer to waive all early repayment charges on my current deal and arrange a new one. As it didn’t involve a credit check it was worth me doing.  I have managed to save over £100 a month. These two things together will help pay off a bit of a credit card.

Additionally, my brother is trying to convince me to let him stay whilst he moves (he hasn’t yet found anywhere) and has asked what I want for it to happen.  I’m not sure I can share my house, I’m too used to living on my own. However an extra £150 a month or maybe even £200 (50 a week should cover extra water and electric etc) would be really really useful.  Time to decide…

Oh and on top of this I have the chance to up train in my career….so lots going on. More on that later.

A feel I may have started to follow the rainbow….




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