Finances and dreams.

Don’t generally go together well in my world.  I have a billion dreams; from teaching to owning a house with a swimming pool to owning a vintage caravan and selling cream teas and hot chocolates. These things need capital, something my last post mentions is seriously lacking.

This month I have made the cardinal sin of not paying all of the minimum payment on one of my credit cards. This is down to music magpie not honouring their price on my old mobile phone. Apparently there was a fault. There was not a fault. It should be on its way back now so it had better arrive in the same condition I sent it in.

The lack of funds as meant that after 2 meals out this week I couldn’t afford to go out last night on a staff do. I had a nice catch up with my friend Tues and a team meal Thurs so I’ve done a couple of nice things this week.

My plan for teaching seems to be coming together so I really need to sort the finances. The fees will be approx 6k so that is the bathroom and kitchen on hold-again!



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