Straight to teaching…

20160710_100641Firstly this picture is the official picture for the TES Institute’s straight to teaching programme.

I only found out about this course recently, I fell into being a TA after school and have worked up to being a lead TA on the leadership team. I always thought I’d do my foundation degree and BA in education and then transfer to teaching, this didn’t work out.  I secured the lead job and the money is good ish and that became a salary trap.

I recently attended a lead network and was frustrated that I’d already found out about and used what she had brought to share.  However, towards the end this was introduced to a room of approx 20 lead Tas, myself and a fellow ta have the necessary degree etc already and were quite excited. Her school apparently said no. My head said leave it with me-i will have a look into it. I gave it a week and asked her if she’d had time to read it. I got a weird response and assumed it was a polite brush off. It in fact turns she does have a plan she just couldn’t tell me about it as it involved a teacher’s pregnancy.  Eeek. I now have to get a decent application sorted by September to start 1st Nov. I need to start compiling evidence now so that I can prove experience to make the training time as short as possible. I need to work out how to do an equivalence test in science  because my double award is a D. Even though I’m sure one of my exams was a C. I need to train whilst still doing my lead TA role as much as I can and I need to hopefully be on course to pass in January or Feb. If the maternity cover happens I’ll be teaching full time from before Christmas.  It’s all becoming real, scary and challenging. I did say I felt like I needed a new challenge. I feel the rainbow has a big thunder cloud of pressure right over my head at the moment….



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