Spa day relaxation

Well after a long summer term, one filled with illness, million and one (ok slight exaggeration) after work events, summer fayres etc etc last Friday was welcomed. A nice break to recharge; ready to roll in September.

It has become a tradition to visit the spa.  Our favourite being Eden Hall spa in Nottinghamshire.  Lately, their prices have increased again, however as regulars we had access to a spa day for £60. This is a basic day but involves a 3 course lunch. With finances tight, I used my vouchers from my birthday and got my day for £10-a bargain really. I have floated around in the pool, swam, been in the rooms and hot/cold showers etc and had a relaxing day. After our lovely 3 course lunch; which was much better than last time, mum and I went outside and joined two other girls with the Clarins lady called Paige. She took us through a step by step cleansing and moisturising routine and even fetched the eye creams on request by me. I have to say although expensive the products felt lovely and kind on the skin. At the end of the session we were given a freebie. Shown in the picture. However, no one warned us of the photographer and mum’s pic is now all over social media.  I have to say she’s rocking the no make up/white robe look.

All in all a relaxing day and just what was needed.



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