Time flies…

Wow I have officially reached the final (working) day of my holidays. 6 weeks have flown by, in a mix of hospital appointments  (mostly not mine), meals out, phone calls, paperwork sorting and copious amounts of TV watching.

For 6 weeks I have had a life. I have been mostly calm and relaxed with just the odd day where the black cloud or anxiety kicked in. With 2 days left to work I suddenly feel ill. All tired and achy and worn out. Psychological? Maybe. Poor sleep? Likely.

So September is here, work starts on Monday.  I’m still waiting for the hospital to sort my mri-apparently I have to wait 6 weeks until my follow up to discuss needing a scan.  Hey? How inefficient.no wonder the NHS is in crisis. I spoke to a friend who works ent at a different hospital who agrees.  I phoned Tuesday.  No call back. I phoned today and have been told they need to look into it. Wait and see i guess.

I’m still waiting to hear on my teaching application-i can see these two things clashing.

I met with a friend I hadn’t seen since the charity coffee morning and before that my birthday. It was awkward at the start to say the least. Especially with her constantly on her phone and me sat waiting. It was better towards the end. This is what happens when things slide. Her doing not mine.

The weight loss has failed and I’m concerned that my work trousers won’t fit on Tuesday. I can get away with jeggings on Monday but back in work gear by Tuesday.


So summer, it was lovely. Time and calmness it was lovely knowing you.

Let chaos commenced…..






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