Bye bye weightwatchers thanks for the 12lb loss but time to move on.

So I finally made a decision and I have to say for the last couple of weeks I have felt better for it. No I haven’t lost any weight but neither have i gained any.

Weightwatchers was working for me until Christmas 2015 and then the plan changed and it became unworkable. I spent months hating the new plan, feeling like I couldn’t have certain foods and really not enjoying anything I ate. I was eating more sweets out of anger and generally my head was in a mess.

This made me reassess. I needed a few weeks of normal. Will I go back in the future i might, will I swap back to slimming world. I might. But for the next few weeks I’m going to focus on finding foods I like again. Getting my head out of the black cloud. Save a few £s along the way and see how my body reacts. I need to lose some weight as my trousers I wore to an interview in April don’t fasten although everything else still fits.  

Yesterday I really enjoyed a cheese and coleslaw door stop sandwich with a French fries side. Really tasty  (even through my cold) and I wasn’t hungry enough for a tea.

Another diet and bank balance aim was to take my lunch to work.  I have managed this for 3 whole weeks. 3 weeks must be a record. I have had salad, pitta breads, sandwiches, cheese and crackers and again.  Do I love my lunches; no. But they are ok. And they are as good or bad a supermarket sandwich.  Which as a veggie are never great. Thankfully I don’t work too close to a pret a manger with their lovely sounding veggie sandwiches.

Oh and the first weeks at work did equal chaos! 3 down 4 to go.



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