Apparently it’s only Wednesday!

What a week so far… my stinking cold had really taken hold over the weekend and by 11am on Monday morning I was hoping for an on time or at least close to finish. Well, 11.45 and the phone rings, itv is only blooming Ofsted! Just before the cut off.  Now, we have known they are due any day but have been saying this for what feels like forever. So no early finish for me on Monday, instead it was a meeting to double check we were happy with all our lessons, a quick staff meeting to be given details for Tuesday and a last minute are we ready and i left school around 6.30. So actually not bad but some staff were much later. Thank goodness for organised teaching partners.

So 8am Tuesday morning and the car park is already full, the inspector arrives early and is met by someone asking if they are blocking him in and would it be a problem. Friendly intro to our team!

I never saw the inspector again really.  Even in my leadership role.  To me it was like any other day. Last minute cover, struggling on full of cold. By 4pm we knew they weren’t in for a second day.  A good bit of news.  Followed by more good news, I was accepted on to the TES straight to teaching course.  Starting in 4 weeks time. Excited and nervous all together.

Then today. Last minute cover all morning. Meeting this afternoon followed by finally the MRI scan I’ve been waiting for.  That wasn’t my favourite part of the day, being closed in with my head secured in place.  I felt caged. And I’m no good at lying still.  3o mins not being able to move. I did however listen to the radio in the scanner! Now I just need to wait.


2 days of this week left and then I really need to sleep this weekend.




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