Finances and no help.

I’ve had to wait a few days to post about how I have tried to and failed to get help sorting all my soaring debt (interest mainly) as my (draft)post the other night read as though I was suicidal.  I wasn’t.  But I had had enough of it all.  Why is it that big companies can send you letter after letter promising 0% this, low rate that; until that is you’d like some help. First of all I applied to sainsburys bank for a loan.  It wouldn’t cover all of my debt but a significant chunk and would’ve reduced my out goings by £200 ish a month. They were a blanket no. Not interested not even a sorry.

I emailed both barclaycard and mbna to complain about their practises with a much better outcome from barclaycard.  As a gesture they refunded my over limit card charge and the interest that that generated last month and reinstated the promotional level.  Mbna on the other hand were not prepared to do anything at all. They told me if signed up fair point and although acknowledging their interest was what was killing me off (at 29.9% I’ll just add) it was tough luck.  So this has to be the first card to go. Especially considering they doubled my credit limit between two months statements.

Next I telephoned Santander,their slogan being simple, personal, fair. It turns out I have quite a chunk of equity in my house I could ask for an additional loan on my mortgage.  So I did.  I told them it was for debt consolidation, I explained that it would leave some debt left over but I’d  be able to clear it as I would be saving over £300 a month! So much more affordable.  There was a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.  Only for Santander to switch the light off. With no decent explanation.  Apparently it’s not affordable to lend me that money (which I see as being my money as it’s equity), even though to me my outlay would drastically drop every month oh and I might not spend the money on what I said so basically they called me a liar!  Very personal I feel just not in the way  I’m sure it’s meant to be.

So currently I am going to write to Santander and express my disappointment in them.  They could help- they choose not too.  So instead of a lovely relaxing break this week I have spent most of it in a high state of anxiety.  All caused by the banks and their lack of help. 2016-06-12 18.58.38


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