First official teaching week

This week was my first week of autumn 2. More significantly it was the first official week of my straight to teaching course. Monday was an inset and I was straight into teaching Tuesday morning for maths. It was awful. Just awful.  I was so worried about it all. I cover regularly. I just felt like the pressure had just increased ten fold.

I then taught all day Wednesday and Thursday morning. Atv7 his point I’d still not wanted anyone in with me. I felt so awkward.  By Thursday inferno had my behaviour management back in control. The kids were beginning to realise i still mean what I say. Thursday was finished with a very late night of a “friends” event stood outside in the cold. Brrr. Friday I was so tired. And my literacy lesson had my class teacher (who was a head teacher until September and now a deputy) day in for some of it. She then took the lower ability 4 children and the difference in the classroom was amazing. On the whole the quality of writing was fine. Maths was hard. The layout of our new books threw them right off target.

Friday afternoon I wasn’t meant to he teaching but ended up doing so. Art on a Friday…no marking but stressful!!!


All in all I was pleased to get this first week under my belt. Next week I have my first official observation and a whole day of meetings and assessment. Part of me is wondering what on earth have i decided to do this for? The other part is looking forward to a few weeks time when I take over a class for maternity cover and it becomes MY class. At the moment this class feels like I’m a cuckoo in a nest.



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