4 weeks in…do I love teaching?

screenshot_20161127-092019I have now completed my first 4 weeks of teaching. It has been in at the deep end from day 1. Do I love it? Sometimes.  We had a particularly tricky year 4 maths concept to teach which required many a discussion.  But on the whole I have enjoyed the challenge.  I will be very grateful however to teach ks1 maths from now on! The class I have left behind were a challenging ( but lovely) bunch and for my second observation one was in meltdown mode-making it tricky to teach. I didn’t block his meltdown out quite like I should have done.  This lesson was graded as developing with areas of achieving  (TES speak) basically ri but with good sections. I wasn’t happy with my lesson as it didn’t flow quite like I’d planned. I’m always looking for things to be good. I hate it when they are not!

Thursday saw a long evening with a teacher meet but during it I discovered a blog with images to stimulate thought and writing.  I love a good picture! (Or video clip) it’s how I work so to find a blog  (once upon a picture) where good images have already been uploaded is fab.

Next week I start my ks1 journey with a handover week, followed by a teaching week with the current class teacher and then it’s mine…all mine! Scary but exciting. I am looking forward to making the class mine but building new working relationships is terrifying. What if they hate me?  What if well the other student was better? I’m such a worrier! I need of relax and remember not every lesson will go as planned, I’m still learning and I can do this! I started this post with do I love teaching? My answer….I think so! I’m more challenged and less bored and switched off than I was in my previous role. I have made the right decision.  I hope!


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