It’s Christmas!!! Sorry for the predictable opening words.  Well it’s now Christmas Eve 2016. This year has been eventful and uneventful in equal measures. This time last year I hated work, couldn’t bear the thought of going in day after day, was incredibly run down an later found out that the vitamin d in my body was non existent.  So thankfully nothing serious but caused so many problems at the time. April brought a job interview as work was so awful an interview I didn’t get but opened so many doors.  I then  enjoyed the run down from April to summer hols which included a lovely week in menorca with the family, a nice relaxing August and I didn’t feel quite so bad going back to work in September.  Then I found out I could do my teaching and wow I’m half a term down and it’s Christmas!

Usually I love the run up to Christmas and I enjoy shopping etc but the finances have meant that I have had to he a savvy shopper a bit more this year. I have plans to use my Christmas money to pay more off the credit cards and live on so as much as I love a sale and shopping I won’t be joining in as such this year. I have instead added a few dresses to my online shop account which though not ideal has helped the itch a bit!

I’m currently sat at home, alone on Christmas Eve. I find this all quite sad. However after talking to friends with families andpartner’s families they assure me I have the best deal.  Do I agree? Not really. My Christmas is quiet and quite boring. Just like a long, drawn out Sunday lunch with a bonus of chocolate (there’d better be chocolate). But at least my only moan is I can’t drink as I’ve been pretty much told I’m doing all the driving and taking home of grandparents. No choice. Not impressed with that really.  But I only have the one moan. Others have families dragging them all over. That I do not wish.

I currently am feeling a bit yak. I have a  cough which hurts and I can’t taste anything.The cough is almost a tradition, who am I kidding, it is a traditional, Turkey  (for family) veggie meal left by me and a cough happen every year!


So Merry Christmas and whatever you are up to- enjoy, make the most of it and remember it’s just a day!


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