January Blues ?

It’s now the 22nd of January and I am still teaching and the actual observation part is going well-lots of good lessons etc, working on a new team with a particularly manipulative member of staff is draining as is working with one who is always moaning and stropping.  I don’t feel I have had the support from the teacher as I thought I was meant to and feel very much I have done this alone.  But that at least is good practise for next year.  I still hope to complete for September start in a new school. I am currently looking, visiting and writing applications.

It is interesting visiting different schools, within a week I have visited a large brand new build school 400+ pupils and a small Church of England school with a one form entry in an old victorian building with tiny classrooms and steep stairs!

I keep thinking that in 8 months time  I will be preparing to settle into a new school with a new team, but going in as an nqt and not part of a leadership team will be quite bonus. I can be me.

In other news, I have decided to sign up for cancer research’s  sugar free feb and I have chosen to cut out chocolate, sweets, biscuits and cakes. Alongside this one have signed up to swim 22 miles over 3 months for diabetes UK.  Both of these conditions have effected friends or family in one way or another.

Wish me luck. I am such a sugar addict I don’t know what I’m going to do without it. Oh and I’m so busy with work I’m not sure where to fit in 22 miles that’s about 2 and a bit miles a week! If I am not fit by May half term I will cry!!!


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