Sugar free February and swimming 22 miles in Feb/March

Well today is day 3 of sugar free February. I signed up to give up chocolate, sweets, cake and biscuits and limit other sugar intake in the form of sugar within food.

Now this may seem a copy put to some, however when you think there isn’t a day go by without chocolate or sweets or a week without cake them you’ll know how big a deal this is for me. I can easily eat 3 chocolate bars on one go or 2 bags of sweets and 2 cakes etc.

Day three so far hasn’t been so bad-i have had to think about choices etc and it’s breaking habits. I did buy some sugar free sweets just to see me through the sweet cravings but I dare not eat those like i would ordinary ones!!!

Can I make another 25days we will see. To add to my challenges I also signed up to swim 22 miles for diabetes UK.  Thankfully this is not a 22mile swim in one go but over 10 weeks ish. I hope that the two challenges will bring my weight down, increase my fitness and help me switch off. If I’m not fit and if I’ve not lost weight by May there will be serious trouble. #cancerresearch #diabetes #sugarfree


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