Teaching interview

Today was my first ever teaching interview. The whole experience was random. I hate the “take an object that describes you” crap. I hated the presentation element and the thing I thought I could’ve done well was the lesson. Only the lesson part was plan something using a picture. A black and white picture that we only had one of copy of.  The whole thing felt a little aimed at the scitt students who are training with them. They even knew about or partly about the task before hand.

Well I heard I didn’t get the job. Floored me a bit as I’d been led to believe that I would do fine against the other candidates and as I was training on the trust I stood a good chance. I thought I answered the questions well even though i was nervous. I thought my activity was rubbish but that’s no surprise considering and I thought my letter was well written even if my handwriting was not the neatest.  For that i am forever being penalised.


So fuck you academy trust.  You talk about high aspirations of our children.  Well I was one of the children you would’ve been pushing.  I was an fsm child at times therefore would’ve been pp and yet you’ve just kicked me in the teeth.


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