Well sugar free feb is nearly over….so now on to the swim 22 challenge.

2 days remain of sugar free February and I have done so well. I have avoided all the sweet treats (bar 1 teeny slip on Sat 25th) for the whole month. I have survived dinners out, being rejected at interview, being generally tired and it shows I don’t need 3 bars a day!

I started my swim 22 challenge for diabetes today.  I managed 81 lengths which is 1 mile. I was pleased I did it as I haven’t swam since May and that was on holiday. Another 21 miles to go in 9 weeks. I enjoy swimming and I find it easy to switch off, today I was too busy counting laps to worry about teaching, student placements and work, planning and observations and the minimal support I get some days. I am at another after work meeting on Tuesday so I will take my kit and try and get a short half a mile 40 ish lengths. It will be a late night back but least I will have had time for me and Wednesday is an easy teaching day.

Teaching update in another blog!


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