Well what a few weeks

Well in the last few weeks I have swum twice for my challenge as life got in the way.

For my teaching course i need to do a 4 week block placement only mine has been split due to year 2 tests. I started that Monday just gone and spent the first few nights at home crying. I hated it. It was different, there were too many staff in the room especially when they were talking.  Nice kids with a couple of challenging ones but that’s all ok. By the end of the week I felt a little more confident and the anxiety had subsided a little.

The school is very different to mine in its approach so I am learning lots of new stuff and ways of working which is good evidence and useful. The teacher I’m working with is SLT  so is a strong teacher but is very in demand with her role so getting chance to chat is tricky sometimes. I have this week to go and then I can go back to my class who I am missing and the routines and the normality.  As well as starting my placement and having to hand over to a supply teacher I also got an interview.  I was nervous but the feedback was constructive and useful and I feel like it’s only a matter of confidence. I have started to put together a little sheet showing the stuff I do as I often finding selling myself the most uncomfortable thing I do!

So week 1 of placement down and 1 to go. 3 weeks until easter and after the easter hols I will need to have passed my qts skills tests, my science equivalent test and got all my evidence together as my tes tutor will be coming in to do one final day of observation and then pulling together all of the evidence.

Then the official assessment start! And in all this I am trying to find a job for september so I am visiting schools, writing applications etc.  My I’m tired and ready for the 2 weeks break. My plan this week is to get as much evidence together as possible from my 2nd placement. Make sure everything is marked at night and then, no interview permitting, I am going to try and practise for my science and mark the writing assessments. It’s none stop at the moment with me really wanting to get everything together in 1.5 terms . I must be crazy.




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