QTS skills tests.

If I didn’t think these were completely pointless enough, after all they show nothing about my ability to teach. Maybe the spelling and grammar could be assessed through observations etc as they are useful but as for the rest its another beurocratic waste of time tonput potential teachers off. I am yet to decide what these prove.

So today I am mentally prepared for the maths and the English. I get there early. I sit down I read the information.

Others arrive andthen….oh I’m sorry we are going to have to cancel the tests!!! Now one lady had a family emergency and I completely understand her having to go. However, the centre should have proper staffing. It should have staff on supply of who can be called in. So know have to wait 3 weeks to take my tests. 3 weeks which is after the date to decide if I can go forward for assessment and these needed to be done. But learndirect don’t care. Not one bit.

I could travel miles to Leicester or even further to Birmingham. But why should I? It is their fault not mine. I have had my tests booked since February as they didn’t have any evening or weekend ones. I am absolutley disgusted in the treatment. I am justvexpexted thatbi can have time off to do them. Well i cant. I’m teaching and teaching yr2 for sats in 4 weeks time. Cross does not come close. I am livid.


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