Catching dreams!

Screenshot_20170625-211926.pngJuly is the month of catching dreams. After being rejected in June for a job the following week I was interviewed at a lovely school that i really liked on the look round. I was asked to prepare a PowerPoint about myself which was scary. I put my own quirky take on it and it seemed to go down well. The second part was to take an object for discussion. This time I took a dream catcher. And a poem about letting no one steal your dreams. We discussed their dreams and how to get there and then I gave them a little dreamcatcher kit to take home with them. This appears to have worked as I was offered the job. I was so happy I really liked the school. I have met my new class, the teacher who will be there for a few weeks before leaving for maternity is lovely and I hope it will be a great start.

Then this week I finally had my QTS assessment that looks like it will go through as good. The assessor said that the mistakes had been made by the TES and that my tutor from them needed more training as some of his advice was iffy. He knows his lessons as he was a head and Ofsted inspector but wasn’t as up on the course. He was great for self confidence though.

So this week things appear to have come together. But as often I have a niggle in the back of my head wondering what the next hiccup will be.

I’m looking forward to the summer hols and a new start in september.

In other news I was asked to be a bridesmaid for a friend so I’d best get back in the swimming pool.


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